Massage Services
30 min 60 min 90 min
Soothing Swedish 50 75 115
This type of massage is comforting and soothing with light to deep movements. Perfect for reducing stress and relieving aches and tension.
Custom Massage 55 80 120
A full body massage tailored to meet your individual needs. The combinations are as unique as you are.
Knead Away the Knots 65 95 135
A deep tissue massage that targets specific knotted or tense areas.
Mommy-To-Be 50 75 115
A soothing, relaxing massage, in a special table that allows you to comfortably lay on your belly.
Scalp, Neck & Shoulder 45 65
Designed to target massage the areas that hold the most stress.
Side by Side Couples Massage 170
Relax side-by-side with your spouse or best friend in a room made for two.
Purifying Lymphatic Massage 55
Helps the body’s removal of toxins, and reduces fluid build-up.
Desert Bliss Hot Stone 85 125
Enjoy the relaxation of a Swedish massage and the warm heat of the Hot Stones. The stones are used to dissolve muscle tension and induce a feeling of warmth.
Candle Melt Massage 125
Enjoy a warm, soy candle drizzled on your body. Relaxing massage and leaves skin hydrated.
Heavenly Foot Rejuvenation 65
Indulge in a spa foot treatment where the focus is on a foot and leg massage.
Specialty Services
30 min 60 min
Pressure Point Foot Massage 45 65
Reiki Session 80
Chakra Singing Bowls 55
Chakra Tuning Forks 55
Chair Massage 1/minute (15 minute minimum)