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VIP Membership Pricing

VIP Membership FAQ

Q: Will I get my membership price on the day I enroll?
A: Yes. When you pay the $25 yearly fee, your services will automatically reflect the VIP pricing.

Q: Can I do more than one service?
A: Absolutely! You can do as many VIP services as you like, as often as you like.

Q: Will my VIP membership renew automatically?
A: No, but we will let you know before your membership is up and we invite you to renew to enjoy the benefits of the services and the savings.

Q: Are there any other benefits to having a VIP membership?
A: Yes there are.  As a VIP member you will receive email promotions with unique pricing on a variety of services throughout the year.

Q: I don’t have an email.  How else do I find out about specials?
A: You can go to our “specials” page and take a look at the calendar.

Q: Can I purchase the VIP membership as a gift?
A: Yes

Q: What if I decide I no longer want to be a VIP member, can I get a refund?
A: No. Once you receive a service at the VIP membership price you are not eligible to receive a membership refund.

Q: If I bring in guests with me, can I pay for their services with my membership price?
A: No, membership pricing apply to VIP members only.

Q: Do I need a membership for my children to receive the VIP pricing?
A: Children under the age of 18 (17 and under) are eligible to receive VIP pricing under a parent’s membership.

Q: Do I need to present my VIP membership card each time?
A: Yes, in order to receive the special pricing, we need to swipe your card.

Q: I don’t live in Las Vegas, can I still purchase a VIP membership?
A: Absolutely! VIP membership is open to everyone.