Are you ready for summer? If you’re a native of Las Vegas (or a new resident as I am), you know that the summers are some of the hottest!  So of course you’ll need your essentials: sunscreen, plenty of water, and lightweight clothing.  But what about when you want to look fabulous for a night of cocktails with the girls, date night, etc?  Now, you might be thinking that it’s much too hot for makeup, but that’s not true at all!  There are so many lightweight formulas of foundations, blushes, and glosses as well as foundation alternatives (think BB cream).  Now all of these are just my personal favorites, but I think they will work for you as well!


Try a gel based or cream formula ( a favorite of mine is Dream Bounce blush by Maybelline).  It just gives a sheer wash of color.  A powder formula will tend to cake up, especially on those with oily skin (such as mine!) during these hotter months.  A gel (or cream base) will blend so much better, and a little goes a long way in this case.

BB cream/Bronzer:

Instead of foundation, mix a little liquid bronzer (Benefit has some fantastic ones!) with BB cream (which is tinted moisturizer, jacked up!) and it will give you a beautiful glow with JUST enough coverage.  It will also even out your complexion almost flawlessly.


Eyeshadow is completely optional for this. A great choice would be a cream (of jumbo crayon, which is also creamy) formula. You, once again, don’t have to use a lot (less is definitely more for this weather). Check out brands like Clinique, Benefit, and L’Oreal for some great color choices!. They blend very smoothly and add a pop of color. No need for eyeliner, but a great mascara will bring the look together.

Lip gloss:

The possibilities are endless with this! Check out for some fabulous summer color options! With so many colors and formulas, part of the fun is experimenting!

To set your look, try a makeup setting spray (NYX has 2 great formulas: one for a matte look and one for a dewey look) and your look will stay put AND stay fresh all day! Now go out and show off your beautiful face! 🙂