Hello again!
contouring Today I’m going to talk about contouring. Namely the “Do’s and Dont’s” of it. With the influx of YouTube tutorials and many “behind the scenes” with makeup artists (especially those who work with celebrities), this trade secret has been made available to the public. And as with most things, there is a right way and wrong way to execute this technique.

What exactly is contouring and why do it? It’s done to enhance or create the illusion of certain facial features; for example: high/defined cheekbones, slimmer nose, a “glow” on certain areas, etc. It is usually done with a darker colored foundation/concealer for the areas you would like to recede, or “nip in; and a lighter foundation/concealer or highlighting powder to illuminate other parts of the face. For everyday wear, a great bronzer and highlighting powder will do wonders! Now for photo shoots, magazine covers, etc; the contouring will be a bit more intense. But for everyday it doesn’t need to be!

contouringWhere do the contours go?:

Above cheekbones
Down the middle of the nose
Above the brow bone

These will be the places where the light will hit them and give you a “glow”.

Either side of the nose
Along the cheekbones

These will be the places that create the “nip” effect which gives the illusion of these areas receding (hence the slimmer nose and beautifully defined cheekbones).

You can achieve the look at home by following these simple guidelines:

DO use bronzer instead of dark foundation for a softer contour.
DO blend, blend, blend! It is definitely your ally when contouring.
DO start with thinner lines. You can always blend and build to the contour of your liking.

DON’T go overboard with the highlighting powder and concealer. Your contour will end up looking too severe, similar to stage makeup (unless you’re going for that look).
DON’T Start painting stripes on your face all willy-nilly. Remember that your foundation has to go over your contours. Too heavy contouring will result in a messy blend.

By following these tips, you should do fine. Feel free to practice on friends (or yourself) and definitely show off your beautiful results! If you’re still a bit gun-shy about contouring, please come see me at Elements Salon and Wellness Spa and I will contour you to your heart’s content! See you soon with more tips and tricks!