Happy Tuesday friends!

It is ALMOST Mother’s Day! Such a fun and special day to celebrate all the wonderful women who play a big role in your life!

Elements Salon and Wellness Spa Gift Cards are the way to go! They can use it for any of our amazing services! What better way to show those women you love so much in your life how much you appreciate them by giving them a card to a day full of pampering!!

Our Gift Cards are packaged in a white pillow box with a gold bow around it, our logo in the center and a to / from card on the back! It’s packaged SO cute! BUT if you want to take things to the next level with your gift giving I have a few ideas down below for you on how to make your gift stand out!

– This is SO easy and cute! All you need for this option is a little box, ( or our pillow boxes can be wrapped nicely too! ) wrapping paper, ribbon, our Gift Card and the letter that their first name starts with! How adorable is that! Our Gift Cards do come with a little to/from card so you won’t need to purchase one of those!

– I love this one! This is so self explanatory and easy but SO cute! All you need is a pair of adorable slippers, ribbon our Gift Card and whatever else you want to stuff the slippers with! This would also be so cute in a bag along with shampoo and conditioner or some hair spray! (We have some amazing shampoos and conditioners and hair sprays by MoroccanOil, Sudzz and Brazilian Blowout! Check them out! They are listed just to the right of this post under products!) All the mom like figures in your life would LOVE this!

– How cute are these!! I love those bags and am pretty sure I’ve seen them in the dollar section at Target! Grab a sweet bag and print out a label! Put our Gift Card inside and seal it with a fabulous paper clip! How simple but perfect!

– Ok.. this one is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! This could not be cuter! These labels are super simple to make: paper, glitter paper and letter stickers! You can add so many pamper like things to this box! Like a nail file, nail polish, our Gift Card would be super cute attached to one of these labels! All you need is a box and some cute stuff! Plus our Gift Card of course! I love this idea and it would be SO fun to open!

– Last but definitely not least! If you don’t have time to put something together for the special women in your life this is the way to go! We can email them a beautiful Gift Card! This is done so easily and they will be so excited to open something special in their email inbox! You can do this online! Just visit our website!



I sure do hope these options gave you an idea on how to package an Elements Salon and Wellness Spa Gift Card to the special women in your life!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our clients! We love and appreciate all of you and hope you all receive a Gift Card to be pampered by us!

Until next time ..