On Trend: Lip Stains

Hello again! I know it’s been a while but I’ve been busy trying out all of the new and exciting make-up products hitting the market.  So today we are going to talk about lip stains!

What is a lip stain, you ask? Well, basically it’s one step up from a lipstick. It’s definitely more of a commitment, as it is not as easy to wipe away the color like you would with a lipstick.  Some are more concentrated than others, but are great for adding that pop of color that will last all day (re-applying lipstick can get a bit annoying).  Adding a topcoat of gloss makes a beautiful finishing touch as well.

While lip stains have been around for at least a decade or so, the main formula was liquid.  They looked a bit intimidating because they were so concentrated that they looked a lot darker in the tube (though it doesn’t go on as dark).  It was a bit awkward as well, with it being a liquid, you had to work fast.  The results could easily turn out a tad blotchy and uneven, unless you have the steadiest hand.  For some it would be a disaster!

Recently, there has been an new emergence of lip stains in a gloss form and some even come in a balm or stick formula.  One of my favorites is Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable balm stain.  The feel is very lightweight and the color payoff is fantastic!  Mine is “Lovesick”, a sort of strawberry pink.


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain

It’s also great for those who want just a little bit of shine, but don’t want to have to ADD a gloss topcoat.  Then there are formulas, also by Revlon, with a high-shine lacquer or a matte finish.  These are perfect for anyone who’s looking for something for the extreme side of either scale.

So you might be asking, how do you apply a lip stain? Simple! Just swipe it on like you would with any lipstick or gloss.  So easy!  This is why I LOVE these new formulas!  Add a little eye liner and mascara and you’re good to go!  The color will stay on all day and keep you lips moisturized, so no need to re-apply.  For myself I like to use a lip stain on days when I wear little-to-no makeup, just to give my face a little pick-me-up.  For more tips and trends, stop by Elements Salon and Wellness Spa and I’ll be more than happy to show you the ropes!