Whealthy hairith the end of 2014 we see many trends and styles disappearing. Fortunately, the new year brings a plethora of fresh, fun ideas. Many of these new ideas fall into the hair category; whether it be a new cut, a beautiful color like an ombre, a specialty perm or wave, or a Brazilian Blowout! .  All of these services offer wonderful results to a person looking to enhance their look.  Sometimes, these treatments can come unintentional results, too; like dryness.  Actually, just blow drying your hair can even cause unwanted dryness. Luckily, there are many treatments that can help put moisture back in your hair.  Some of the treatments offered at Elements Salon and Wellness Spa include: a conditioning mask, hair repair treatment, deep conditioning treatment, and a split end treatment.  What many people don’t realize, though, is that there is another way to strong, healthy hair: just adding a few things to your diet!

The tops ten foods for healthy hair are salmon, dark green vegetables, beans, nuts, poultry, eggs, whole grains, oysters, low-fat dairy products, and carrots. Salmon and nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids which help your hair grow and keep your scalp and hair hydrated. Oysters and whole grains contain zinc which is needed to prevent hair loss and dry, flaky scalp. And don’t forget carrots or sweet potatoes and even dark green vegetables, which contain a high amount of beta carotene. The body turns beta carotene into vitamin A which every cell in the body, including your hair, need to function. It also helps create the oil that keeps your scalp from drying out.

Last, but not least are the four most important foods: beans, nuts, poultry, and eggs. These foods contain protein and many other goodies that are essential for creating healthy, strong hair. In fact, 97% of our hair is made up of protein so,superfoods without a diet high in protein we can’t replace the hair that we naturally lose everyday. Many of these foods also have vitamins and minerals that help fortify hair so it doesn’t break easily. For example, eggs contain iron which helps the cells carry oxygen to the hair follicles and increase the speed of hair growth. So if anything, make sure to include the right amount of good proteins in your diet.

Incorporating these foods may seem overwhelming at first but a quick salad can knock out about half of these. Some can even make a great side with dinner. So, continue to make this 2015 a positive one by making all parts of your body strong; hair included. Treat yourself with a nice conditioning treatment at Elements, eat these ten foods, and you will likely see the results you want and your hair needs.