Why Use a Professional Color Specialist?

Do you want healthy, beautiful, vibrant hair?  The number one reason to use a professional hair colorist is because a customized color is created just for you; you’re special and worth it!  Professionals have practiced their skills to be the best at what they do.  After all, most color professionals color at least 4 -5 clients in a day.

Full color vs. re-touch, what’s the difference?Brunette 3

All over color and re-touch are very different.  Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to explain.  Getting a full color differs from a re-touch because the full color is coloring all of your hair.  It’s a root to ends application.  A re-touch is used when there is a line of demarcation.  The re-touch color goes from the roots to that line where the color was applied.  Full color initially costs more because you are changing your hair color.  To maintain this new color, a re-touch is recommended.   This is typically done in 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the color you choose and your natural hair color.  When to return will depend on the color that has been chosen and the re-growth line of demarcation, a good professional color specialist will always let you know when to return..

It does not necessarily benefit you to wait to come in for a re-touch.  If you return in 8 weeks you still will have a line of demarcation that should have been re-touched.   So now that there is more hair to cover, then more product has to be used and it will take longer for the stylist to do this correctly- hence the cost will be higher than a normal re-touch.

What are the benefits of using a professional color specialist?

You have a choice when getting your hair colored.  Here’s a few reasons to get your hair colored professionally:

  • It looks professional and natural.
  • Professional color specialists are trained in choosing the correct palettes that best are suited or your skin tones.
  • The color tones that professionals have access to are more vibrant.   Your color will look richer.
  • Confidence that your color has been customized just for you.
  • Less fading when used in conjunction with your take home care products.  This helps with the care necessary to maintain your beautiful color.
  • The texture of your hair influences how the color goes on.  Some textures are more resistant to color, others take in color fast.  This is all taken into consideration when a professional colors your hair.
  • Maintenance guesswork is eliminated.  You will know when to have your next treatment so that your color can be properly maintained.
  • The color a professional creates for you will be much closer to what you had in mind than color from a box will be.
  • A professional color specialist’s recommendations are based in knowledge and experience.

How often should you get your hair colored?

A professional hair colorist takes into consideration many factors when creating the perfect color formula for your hair.  This includes the texture of your hair, the amount of gray in your hair and the length of your hair.  A consultation prior to any coloring or cuts is vital to determining what your goals are for you hair.  Once both you and your colorist know what you are trying to achieve, then a plan can be formulated.  The plan takes into account realistic time frames for maintenance, budget considerations, and of course, your customized hair style.