lipsToday we’re going to delve into the world of lipstick; more specifically, the latest in the lip-color trend, matte liquid lipstick. These have become my absolute favorite items in my own personal arsenal, as well as in my artist kit. The formula is, hands down, the best of both worlds. You get the ultimate in color saturation and staying power. And with so many formulas that cater to those of us who love or even prefer a gloss ( I am one of them ), its great to see matte formulas come back in such a big way.

This is such a revolution/evolution in the makeup world that some brands have even developed vinyl (extremely shiny) formulas; perfect for the girls who are all about shine! While there have been, as of recently, an influx of more well-known brands getting in on this new trend, I like to look to the smaller, independent brands. They also tend to indulge me when it comes to the more unusual colors (another thing that has been VERY en vogue lately).

My first encounter with such a formula was from a brand called Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and it was called Lip Tar (an innovation in and of itself). It had the soft, liquid texture of a gloss, but was very opaque and pigmented and dried down to a velvety matte texture. A little also went a VERY long way! This was years ago (about 2008 or so), before the boom of liquid lipsticks, and I hadn’t really seen anything else like it since. Fast forward almost a decade later and the concept has caught on like wildfire!

One gripe that some people have with this formula is that some of them can be drying. The solution that I have found that works for me is applying the faintest amount of lip balm. Just enough so that you know it’s there and you can feel it. Anything more would render the staying power of the liquid lipstick null and void. After giving it a minute or two to absorb, apply your favorite color lipstick! Some of the brands with fantastic color selections (and reasonable prices) are:

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Coloured Raine
All Cosmetics WholesaleMarilyn Monroe
Makeup Monsters

I strongly encourage you to try as many colors as your heart desires. There are colors for every mood and season, and the formula is foolproof. Even a novice can master a fabulous pout! Thank you for reading beautiful people, and stay tuned for more makeup tips and trends. Also, please come by Elements Salon and Wellness Spa for some one-on-one makeup talk with yours truly!