Women aren’t the only ones using hair highlights and color to freshen up their looks.  Men everywhere are getting in on this grooming trend.  From subtle lightening to bold, guylights are in!


Adding highlights that are two to three shades lighter than your natural color, mainly around the face, will give you the most natural look.  The majority of the highlights should be concentrated in the fringe and side area.  Tapering  highlights to only a few toward the back of the head gives a sun lightened look.  Keeping the highlighted sections very thin and blending into your own natural color will give you an even more natural look.  This will give you an overall lighter look instead of distinct streaks.


Make a bold statement by adding pre-lightened highlights to dark blond or medium brown hair.  Pre-lightening just the tips of the hair on top of your head will give you more contrast between the highlights and your own natural color.  This works well when aiming for a punk or edgy look.  highlight thicker sections of your hair for a more streaky look.  This works best on longer hair if you only highlight a few sections around the face.  If you have dark brown to almost black hair, this method is not recommended because your hair will pre-lighten too light and the contrast between the dark and light will give you more of an aged look.


men should choose a professional stylist for hair highlighting and never store bought kits!  Most store bought kits do not contain a strong enough developer, also known as peroxide, to pre-lighten dark brown and black hair past the orange toned or yellow stage.  Instead, you will need to have your hair pre-lightened with a higher volume of peroxide and then toned by a professional.  Ninety percent of the time the home kits go wrong and you end up spending twice the money to get your hair fixed by a professional.  Why chance it, come in and get it done right the first time.


Mens Highlights