Ready to split from your split ends for good? Try making a clean break with Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment. The brand known for their hair smoothing treatment has created a one-splitends3of-a-kind Split End Treatment that is said to be the only in-salon service of its kind around.

So what exactly are split ends and why do they occur?
Split ends are a danger for anyone with long to medium length hair. They are when the ends of the hair split into two, causing the hair to look dry, frizzy and thinner on the ends. Split ends occur when the natural oils of the hair are blocked and can’t nourish the end of the hair follicle. Sun damage, bleach, and over use of hot tools like curling and flat irons are a few things that can be sure to cause split ends.

We’ve always heard there’s no real solution to split ends besides a haircut
This pretty much used to about sum it up! Remember the 1980’s hot oil treatments? Those used to be all the rage, but were a very temporary fix to a much bigger problem

What is the Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment?
It is a new and innovative solution that thermally seals the ends. The treatment utilizes a proprietary Thermo-Marine Bonding System to fill in and bind weakened hair fibers, instantly mending split ends. Think hot oil treatment for the future that actually works and has lasting and cumulative results. Red Seaweed Algae, Brazilian Blowout’s Super Nutrient complex, and amino acids   thermally seal onto the hair shaft, killing split ends in their tracks! What I love about it is that the hair is still bouncy and full of body

Sounds fabulous! Who would be the ideal candidate for this treatment?
Anyone with hair in their head! But seriously, mostly long haired clients with damaged ends. Many, many women do not, I repeat do not, want to cut their hair. Especially the necessary amount it would take to cut off split ends.  But she is far from alone when it comes to the fear of trimming. This is a great way to repair split ends and still keep the hair long and healthy!

What about this treatment cures split ends?
The Red Sea Weed Algae is magic. What Acai berry did for Brazilian Blowout this does for repairing tresses. By thermally activating the formula with a flat iron helps seals the product on the ends, thus sealing the split end into one.

Wow, so how long does it last? What would our daily maintenance be?
The treatment lasts for approx one month, and you will get the longest lasting results by using the after care line. For example, the Anti-Frizz Brazilian Blowout Shampoo and the Masque. I also love their volume line as a great aftercare alternative!

Any tricks to preventing future split ends?
Put down the flat iron! Stop curling your hair everyday. And if you must, use a great UV protectant, like Suddzz ColourFix 3,  and thermal protectant, like Suddzz Liquid Luxe, before styling. Try not to over wash your hair as well. By doing this you let the natural oils build up in the hair, helping to prevent future split end nightmares!