Your search for the perfect salon & spa is over! Imagine the perfect balance of upscale ambiance, impeccable quality and business sophistication. Imagine starting salaries and income growth potential.  We are a team salon/spa. We pay an hourly rate and/or commission, paid personal time off and service incentives. We believe that everyone should be working as a team and helping each other to create the best customer service possible. If this concept appeals to you, look no further and welcome.
Salon and Spa Pay
What worked yesterday…is outdated today! We build careers!
Yesterdaysalons and spas built starsTodaysalons and spas build teams
Yesterdaysalons encouraged stylists to build followingsTodaysalons and spas build teams and everyone works to help each other
Yesterdaysalons and spas based pay solely on salesTodaypay is based on over-all performance
Yesterdaytechnicians were responsible for their own bookTodayeveryone is responsible for every hour the salon has available
Yesterdaycommissions inspired individual growthTodayteam incentives inspire team growth
Yesterdayclients felt obligated to stay with the same technicianTodayclients are serviced by the skills of the entire salon and spa team
Yesterdaytechnicians saw their income security in their followingsTodaythey see their income security in team pay and incentives
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