Feet & Toes


Petite Pedi – 35
Perfect for those on the run. Toenails are clipped, cuticles pushed back and the feet are exfoliated.  Then finished with your favorite polish.
Classic Pedicure – 50
A delectable treat for your feet! Splash around in an aromatherapy whirlpool foot bath, followed by a scrub, then maintenance of nails and cuticles, a foot massage, aromatic warm towels, callus treatment, moisturizer and finish with your favorite polish.
Spa Pedicure – 65
The Spa Pedicure begins with a relaxing aromatherapy whirlpool foot bath.  After soaking, the technician cuts and shapes your toes nails. Your cuticles are cared for, then the tough dry, dead skin is removed. Your legs and feet are exfoliated, then deeply moisturized with a hydrating masque. The service continues the experience with a massage that stimulates and softens tired, stressed feet.  Then finished with your choice of nail polish.
Gel Polish Pedicure – 65
Protect and perfect! This uniquely long-lasting nail therapy combines the latest technology in nail color and LED lights to offer an instantly dry, always flawless finish. The gel actually provides a protective layer to the nail, encouraging growth while minimizing breakage. Enjoy longer, stronger, shinier nails every day!
Jelli Pedi – 65

A Jelli Pedi is a truly unique spa experience. The Jelli Pedi turns water into a luxurious, fluffy jelly, which provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. Your feet are then scrubbed and massaged; and your nails and cuticles are maintained. The treatment finishes with your favorite polish.

Hot Stone Pedicure – 65
If you love hot stones with your body massage, then you’ll love them with your pedicure!  You’ll splash around in an aromatherapy whirlpool foot bath, your nails and cuticles maintained, followed by a scrub and then the stress from your feet will feel like it’s melting away with the hot stone foot massage.  Finish with your favorite polish.
Charcoal Detox Pedicure – 65
Black charcoal is a highly effective detoxifying ingredient. It works by behaving like a magnet, attracting and absorbing thousands of times its own weight in dirt, oil and impurities. Although this pedicure is comprised of black charcoal, it has an amazing smell!  Your feet will soak and be scrubbed, then nail and cuticle maintenance, feet massaged and finished with your favorite polish.
Children’s Pedicure (10 and under) – 25


Mini Callus Relief Treatment – 10
Paraffin Foot Treatment – 10
Refreshing Mint Masque – 5
Mini Hot Stone Massage – 5
French Polish – 7
Glitter Art (2 nails) – 7
Foil Art (2 nails) – 7
Rhinestone Art (2 nails) – 5
Painted Art (2 nails) – 5
Full Set of Nail Art – Per Consultation

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