Meet Angelo

Angelo is a seasoned hair dresser with over 40+ years as a cosmetologist.

After 40 years, Angelo’s passion for his craft remains undiminished. He eagerly stays ahead of the latest trends, yet he cherishes the timeless elegance of classic pixie cuts, the artful challenge of working with curly hair, the vibrant allure of highlights, the transformative power of perms, and the bold beauty of red hair color.

His absolute favorite product that he enthusiastically recommends to clients is the Sudzz Leave-in Hair Conditioner. This amazing product is perfect for use any time your hair feels dry or full of static, especially given our desert climate.

Random facts about him… he absolutely adores swimming pools, dives deep into the art of cooking, and brings joy through entertaining. He’s incredibly meticulous and has an unyielding passion for organizing and cleaning.

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