chakrasHello again everyone! Today, I’m excited to tell you about my experience with our Chakra Balancing Ritual. I feel like it was just what I needed and right on time. For this, you definitely need to have an open mind, because this deals with energy. And while to some it may seem weird, New Age-y, etc., it is very much worth it, especially if balance and well-being is important to you. For those that aren’t familiar with what Chakras are and what they do and mean, I’ll give just a quick little background info: This practice is one of the components of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is Sanskrit for “life knowledge” (ayur = life; veda = knowledge) and originates from and has been in use in India since about 2500 B.C. Chakra balancing, in particular, centers around one having a healthy balance in their life: mind, body, and spirit. With your Chakras, it is said that each one is an energy source for a specific area and function of the body. There are 7 in total.

  • First Chakra – Root Chakra: Located at the base of the spine, it is responsible for keeping us grounded to the earth. It also influences our immune system, energy, basic impulses, instincts, endurance, and “fight or flight” reactions.
  • Second Chakra – The Sacral Plexus: This one is located in the lower abdomen and is the source for creativity and inspiration.
  • Third Chakra – Solar Plexus: Situated at the base of the rib cage, this serves as the foundation for our “metal body”, enabling us to pick up vibrations and essences from others, places, and things (you know, that gut feeling you get about something, or that “weird vibe” you picked up from that one guy? ). Also, personal power, energy, self-control, emotional issues, and issues of self-acceptance.
  • Fourth Chakra – The Heart Chakra: This Chakra is in charge of our astral body, or the connection between our physical and spiritual body. It is driven by love and also influences forgiveness, compassion, empathy, trust, equilibrium and ease with our lives.
  • Fifth Chakra – The Throat Chakra: The location of this one is self-explanatory, and this one oversees communication, dreaming, artistic expression, good judgement, self-belief, wisdom, truthfulness, out-of-body experiences, and clairaudience (the ability to hear beyond capacity/hearing the spirit world).
  • Sixth Chakra – The “Third Eye”: This one influences our capacity to see things that are yet to come into being, or clairvoyance. This is also the source of our of our psychic powers.
  • Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra: This one is the foundation of our spiritual body and links us to the Universe. It influences spiritual will, inspiration, idealism, and knowledge of the universe/celestial knowledge.


While that might sound chakras1like a lot coming from me, my massage therapist, Megan, was able to explain it to me a lot better than I ever could. I felt very comfortable and was able to fully understand what was going on. Her energy was great! While I remained completely clothed, I was instructed to remove my shoes and ALL metal items (i.e. piercings, jewelry, belt, etc.). I was informed that the metal from those items will block the energy flow and throw off the procedure. She then placed an energized stone on all of the corresponding Chakra areas (the one for the seventh Chakra fit perfectly in my curly, poofy ponytail! 🙂 ). Then she took a small crystal pendulum and held it over each Chakra. The purpose of this is to find out which ones are the most in need of balance/alignment (the pendulum will spin a little wildly and counter-clockwise) and which ones may be a bit more balanced at the moment (little to no movement/clockwise).


Not surprisingly, my throat and heart Chakras showed the most sign of needing a bit more balance. Also interesting, we just started selling Chakra candles in the spa about a week prior, and the ones that I already had my eye on were the Chakras that were out of whack! So, needless to say, I went home with the corresponding candles. Megan was fantastic at explaining the specifics of what was going on and what was needed to level out all of the Chakras that required it. She then brought out the tuning forks. When she used the tuning forks (done to activate vibrations), I felt the sound waves, which was pretty intense. I was also able to open up a bit, thanks to her extra attention on the heart Chakra. It was SUCH a much needed release and I really did feel better afterward. She was so informative, she also went a little in depth about the crystals, herbs, and essential oils that I can use to maintain complete balance outside of the Chakra treatment and suggested that I come in once a month. I really think that I will, and you should too!


Now, I don’t know and can’t tell you what to believe, but I can honestly say that my experience with this was wonderful. Along with taking a little time out to meditate, burning my Chakra candles (they’re beautiful!), and putting certain behaviors into practice, this treatment has definitely helped jump start the path to more positivity in my life. It’s worth it, and who couldn’t use a little more positive energy?! You may come in a little frazzled, but you will walk (maybe even float) out with a smile on your face and a brighter outlook on life. And get a few of our Chakra candles home with you to extend the experience!