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The year 2020 has been one for the books! Unlike any other year before, this one robbed us of many opportunities to experiment with our makeup. As most of the events we would dress up for this holiday season, there are not too many opportunities to glam up properly. But, with the holidays approaching us, it is still a good idea to glam up and dress up for the holidays to keep the holiday spirit alive! Even though masks might be required for this year’s Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities, there are many looks that will emphasize your eyes and steal the show from the mask. However, in case you might be taking part in this year’s festivities only virtually, a full face makeup look will make you feel glamorous and make you forget about 2020. This article will list the hottest new makeup trends to vamp up your holiday makeup look!

  1. The Classic Red Lip & Winged Eyeliner Look

If you love classic looks then this elegant and timeless red lip & winged eyeliner makeup is the right choice for you. Whether you will be celebrating this year’s holidays with your family or with your colleagues from work or school, this look is a perfect choice. If you are participating in the festivities virtually you will love the red lip but, in case you will have to wear a mask the winged eyeliner will make your eyes stand out.

2. The Winter Holiday Cat Eye

If you are crazy about makeup but had no chance to pull off something extra this year yet, then this holiday version of a cat eye is the ideal choice for you.  A bold colored cat eye with some glitter because it is for the holidays, after all, pared with a bold lip, will make you look unforgettable this holiday season. So, if you are more advanced in terms of makeup and love wearing bold makeup look, this is the one you should go for.

3. The Graphic, Bold Liner Trend

One of the hottest makeup trends of 2020 is the graphic liner makeup look. If you feel like standing out on that Christmas/New Year’s Eve party then this is the look you should go for. Do a full face contour, define your eyes with eyeliner, add the glitter, and then the extra eyeliner line to define the crease of your eyes. This look will definitely give your eyes a pop, especially if you are wearing a face mask.

4. Simple & Fast Makeup Look

A fast and easy makeup look that will have both your eyes and lips stand out. This makeup look is the perfect combination of a more natural look and something extra on the eyes and lips. In order to create this look make sure to do your base, contour, and give your face that healthy glow with some highlighter and blush. For the eyes, make sure to define them with a bit of eyeliner that you smoke out and for the finishing touch do a slightly darker but yet natural lip. Also, it’s not a bad thing to add some shimmer to the eyes! After all, it’s the holidays!

5. Holiday Glam

Nothing says holidays like glitter. So, for this glamorous holiday makeup look make sure to put glitter on your eyelids and apply some falsies. In order to bring the whole look together don’t forget to add some shimmer or a bold red lip because nothing says Christmas or New Year like a bold red lip or shimmer! Plus, wearing red for New Year’s Eve brings luck.


I hope you enjoyed looking at the tutorials from YouTube and maybe learned a little extra about make-up trends. At Elements, we have two make-up artists who can help you bring that holiday glam look that you are looking for!

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