What is a Cavitation Treatment?

The ultrasonic cavitation treatment is a non-surgical, fat reduction procedure. The treatment makes use of low frequency ultrasound to target fat cell membranes with a strong ray of pressure. The structure of the fat cells cannot tolerate the pressure of the rays, therefore, they disintegrate into liquid form. So, how does this treatment really work?

How it Works

During the cavitation treatment process, membranes that are required for the survival of fat cells are disrupted. Fat cells are compromised of triglycerides. When exposed to a strong pressure wave, they form into liquid and travel to the liver through the lymphatic and vascular systems as part of the natural metabolic process.

Benefits of the Cavitation Treatment

*It is versatile: this procedure can be applied on almost any body part where there is excess fat. The most common spots include the abdomen, thighs, back, and buttocks.

*It is non-invasive: the cavitation treatment does not require a surgical performance. The procedure strongly relies on frequency waves and does not cause physical trauma.

*It is painless: during this procedure, you do not experience any pain or discomfort, even after the procedure is done. There are no risks involved in this procedure.

*It is easy: to get the best benefits from the cavitation treatment, you need to drink lots of water, eat healthy, and maintain a good exercise program. Regular visits develop the best results.

*It is effective: when you are having a hard time losing weight with exercise and diet, the cavitation treatment may provide the most effective results for you. This procedure can be used to reshape your body, eliminate cellulite, and get the figure you always dreamed of.

Who Should Not Try the Cavitation Treatment

Since it is not known if the treatment affects the fetus or not, pregnant women should not have the treatment done. According to certain studies, the sound waves could affect the unborn child’s hearing and immune system. Women going through infertility treatment should also avoid this procedure.

People with the following conditions should NOT proceed with this procedure:

*Heart disease



*Kidney or liver problems

*High cholesterol levels



Before and After Cavitation Treatment

Before considering the cavitation treatment, you should be living a moderately active lifestyle and have a healthy diet. Before getting the treatment done, it is recommended to drink at least eight cups of water every day. These fluids are important because they process the extra triglycerides and fat in your body so it can be released with the treatment.

It is best to avoid alcohol consumption, as it may affect your liver’s functionality that is going to play a significant role in releasing those substances. Also, avoid getting tanned, as it may increase your skins sensitivity to the ultrasonic waves used during the treatment. After the cavitation treatment, you should continue to drink plenty of water and exercise regularly to process the substances released during the treatment.

Is the Cavitation Treatment Worth It?

The cavitation treatment can be worth it as it is an effective weight loss treatment and shapes your body to your liking. If you eat healthy and live a moderately active lifestyle, then this is the treatment for you. If you have fatty areas that will not go away with diet and exercise, then this treatment may be the way to go for you. This treatment will help you with fat loss reduction and get you on your way to the figure you have always dreamed of.

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